Bible Text

  • New American Bible - full text of the NAB, in canonical order; from the official website of the USCCB.
  • New Revised Standard Version - text and notes of NRSV and other translations; from "Oremus Bible Browser"; index by chapters also provided by
  • Bible Gateway - allows concordance-style searches of the Bible in nineteen English versions (NIV, RSV, KJV, etc.) and many other modern languages.
  • Bible Study Tools - resources and searches in about 20 English translations, incl. several not available elsewhere (NRSV, Douay-Rheims, etc.).
  • Blue Letter Bible - Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and eight English translations; excellent interlinear and comparative tools.
  • Five Gospels Parallels - allows side-by-side views of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas.
  • Online Greek Bible - enables viewing of the New Testament in several Greek fonts.
  • Greek New Testament - listen to the Westcott-Hort version of the Greek NT, with MP3 files.
  • New Testament Hyper-Concordance - easy word searches in English, from the Semantic Bible site




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