How To Update the pages at  AustinVietMartyrs.org.  



  1. Login directly to AustinVietMartyrs site with the login ID and password sent to your email address.







  1. Click site  “GXCTTDVN”.   You are now at the Home page which can be changed using the “Edit page” option.






  1. To change the Home pate, click the pen icon “Edit page” near the top right corner.  Now you can edit or change the content in the “Home” page.  When finish, click “Save” to save the update and publish the updated page.






  1. To change another page, first select or click on that page which will display it with the “Edit page” icon, then use same step (3) above.


  1. To add new post to the “Thong Bao-News Events” page, click the “Thong Bao-News”  link from the pages list on the left menu, then click “New post”